Bug in PrecompiledMvcViewEngine.GetAssemblyName?

Mar 26, 2012 at 6:01 PM

I have two projects.  One main project which sets up the PrecompiledMvcEngine and contains a Razor Generator compiled main view.  Another library project containing a Razor Generator compiled partial view.  In a view in my main project, I have:

@Html.Action("_Menu", "Foo")

The above maps to a method in a controller on my library project which returns a partial view.

When I use a browser to try to load the view in my main project, I get an error stating that MVC could not find my partial view in my library project.

While debugging PrecompiledMvcEngine, I noticed that in the GetAssemblyName method, the cached value return is my main project's assembly's name, but the non-cached value is my library project's assembly's name.

Is this a bug?